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Panmun House

Seoga Architecture

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Project Name

Panmun House

Project Status


Year Completed



3,089 sq. feet



  • Park Haesun (lead architect)
  • Oh Seunghyun (lead architect)
  • Shin Minchul (design team member)


  • Structural Engineer: Thekujo
  • Mechanical Engineer: Chunglim Technical Construction
  • Electrical Engineer: Vision Engineering
  • Construction Manager: Nurim Construction Engineering

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Project Description


Although the site has a capacity of approximately 139 m2 on record, the actual area of land available is even less then 83 m2 when considering the building regulations. There was a high risk of narrow corners turning into idle patches, furthermore, being adjacent to the 25m-wide road, it was without doubt an inimical housing site, constantly exposed to noise and dust. Moreover, on the other side of the road, new apartments and a shopping district were about to go under construction, therefore the occupants were likely to have a big chance of isolating themselves from the fuss for the next few years.

Above all, it was important to learn the building regulations to find ways to assure the maximum living area on such small plot of land. After numerous meetings, we could come up with a legitimate strategy that also ensures decent living quality.

We anticipated that the balcony spaces would help overcome the inefficiency of the land. By cutting off the narrow corners, we found new possibilities in corner areas. One of the corners turned into an open balcony, meeting the client’s wishes, and the other into a private balcony accessible from the bedroom. An atrium-like space full of sunlight is also created with one of the narrow corners. Corners left in interior also found a way to meet the practical requirements of space by creating a storage area for electronic devices such as an air conditioner or a vacuum cleaner.

Last but not least, we proposed adding another layer on the façade to secure the building from the neighboring construction site. This double-skin method provides balcony space enclosed with walls, creating a more stable dwelling area from the hostile environment.

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