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  • Rachel Chen

This student project was completed in Good Grids, a studio course at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York's School of Architecture and Planning which won a 2016 ARCHITECT Studio Prize.

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Pixelation also known as “pel” is a picture element that is mainly blurred by unclear pixel-like patches. It is mainly overlayed over a grid of squares. Pixelation helps disguise what it actually is from far. The name of this city is taken from “pel” in plural “Piax”. The idea of this grid is to create a city of pixelation where the streets define blocks of pixel patches that can’t be seen properly until one gets closer to it. The city itself is pixelated with hatched patches that influences the fabric of the overall grid starting from streets to people’s clothing and lastly the public furnitures. The closer one gets to the grid, the more detailed fabric of hatches can be seen and experienced.
This city uses the 30 by 30 square grid to help place blocks of residential, retail, and public spaces as it disperse throughout randomly on top of the overall square grid.Each residential units have their own garage, private garden as well as vegetable gardens. The units ranges from one to two stories high as it repeats throughout. The primary streets are 66ft wide and the secondary streets are 33 ft wide allowing cars and pedestrians to go through smoothly throughout the city. These streets have specific hatched patches that follows throughout the whole city grid.
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