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PM House


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Victoria Carodine, Hanley Wood

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PM House



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5,381 sq. feet


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Located in the Golf Club La Ceiba in the Yucatan peninsula.
The project is erected within a lot with abundant vegetation, which is why the architecture was adapted to the terrain. Most of the trees were respected and were relocated to provide shadow to open spaces. As well, vegetation was taken advantage to generate cool breezes that allow a natural way to ventilate each space.

The project is developed starting from the needs of an adult couple, which is why it is only one level, with access and amenities appropriate for every need along with easy access and circulation between all areas. The project is divided into three stages (garage, service area and residential area), all of which are connected by a network of ramps and steps through gardens and moving walls.

With views to the outside from any part of the house, each space is given its own identity with unique perspectives and without being exposed to the street or the golf course. This gives the residents total privacy, utilizing moving walls and a landscape design inspired by the regional forest.

The project is developed with three longitudinal axises as starting points, by hiding the windows within walls a more open floor plan is generated, unifying the Living Room/Dining Room/Terrace/Kitchen. Such axises communicate with the living quarters, located to one side of the pool, passing through the fourth area, guest quarters/Den, serving as a transition, by utilizing the paths in the landscape design into the private living quarters, all of which have views of a private garden, functioning as a meditation space.

With a low maintenance selection of materials and vegetation palette (concrete, steel and wood), clean and inviting spaces are created. Hand in hand with the landscape design, a state of tranquility and peace is created in the spaces, for the greater welfare of the users.

Playing with simple geometry, completely open to the exterior, the natural environment is incorporated into each space by means of translucent elements, which are capable of providing ample and natural light to the spaces, inviting us once again to coexist with nature.
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