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Frederick and Laurie Samitaur Smith


  • Structural Engineer: NAST Enterprises, Hooman Nastarin
  • Mechanical Engineer: Fruchtman & Associates
  • Electrical Engineer: Silver Roth & Associates
  • Construction Manager: Peter and Tim Brown
  • General Contractor: Samitaur Constructs


16,663 sq. feet
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Project Description

A Pterodactyl is poised to land in Culver City, Calif., thanks to Eric Owen Moss, FAIA, and his fruitful relationship with developers Frederick and Laurie Samitaur-Smith. Joining the long list of improbably named projects already built in the Hayden Tract district—once an industrial warehouse zone, now an experimental realm Moss has dubbed Conjunctive Points—are Pterodactyl and Waffle. Each of these projects has a rather long history: as Moss puts it, “[Pterodactyl] has been in various stages of debate for 10 years … maybe a little less.”
Pterodactyl is an office space that will perch atop a structured parking garage just east of Moss’s Stealth building, which was completed in 2002. With the arrival of the Expo line near the site, Moss says that the energy and promise in the area has increased dramatically. Inside Pterodactyl—which is made up of nine rectangular boxes arranged over the top level of the garage—are office facilities, including conference rooms, a library, audiovisual suites, and a cafeteria. Once Pterodactyl is complete, the on-grade parking between it and Stealth will be transformed into a garden space.
ARCHITECT will follow Pterodactyl’s progress by posting updates to the construction photos.
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