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Qujing Culture Center Library

Atelier Alter, Hordor Architecture & Engineering Design Group

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Project Name

Qujing Culture Center Library

Project Status


Year Completed



202,361 sq. feet

Construction Cost



Qujing Culture and Sport Center Building Commission


  • Design Architect: Xiaojun Bu, Yingfan Zhang
  • Project Architect: Haipeng Guo, Langtian Weng
  • Architecture Design Team: Haipeng Guo, Langtian Weng, Zhenqing Que, Ling Zeng, Jeff Ding
  • Civil/Structure/MEP Engineer: Shuchuan Zhang, Guangyu Zhang, Xiaonan Zhu, Yongfeng Fan


  • General Contractor: Qujing Dafeng Construction Engineering Group

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Project Description


According to Aldo Rossi, every city needs a study room. A library is the study room of a city. Michelangelo’s Laurentian Library brings up the question: is the library the interior or exterior of a city?

Woman and man, rich or poor are all welcome to the library. It is a socially inclusive heterotopias space in modern cities. In a way, a “library” is the “house” for the collectives. A library is a place for thoughts. As it concerns with the classification of knowledge, a library is also a critical program to a civilization.

We attempt to reinvent the traditional layout of a library by breaking down the separation between reading and storage areas. By having the two spaces intertwined, an abstract field of knowledge is formed, one could easily move from the perception space to the projection space. There is a direct connection between the pattern of circulation and the trajectory of one’s thought about knowledge. The act of circulation becomes an act of creation. Cross-connections between different disciplines are spontaneous, and thus, inter-disciplinary studies are encouraged. Critical thoughts are latent in this matrix of knowledge.

We base our formal transformation on the architectonic of a “vertical folded-plate.” As we designate the solids to be the structure and storage, the voids in-between are collective spaces for reading and gatherings.

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