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Reinvent Paris: Creative Mixed-Use Hub


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Reinvent Paris: Creative Mixed-Use Hub

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In January 2015, the Mayor of Paris, announced the Reinventer Paris design competition. The competition was initiated to promote the construction of projects on 23 sites across the city of Paris. All projects were to focus on the notion of reinventing the city, particularly in terms of housing and everything relating to density, desegregation, energy and resilience, searching for new collective ways that will give shape to the future metropolis.

The competition calls for innovative urban projects to "prefigure what the Paris of tomorrow might be" by presenting "ideas on how to bring added vitality to exceptional Parisian sites."

The architect, with the developer, defined the program of a mixed-use building to be presented for the Ternes Villiers site. The site is located on the Peripherique, a highway ring road defining the urban core of Paris.

The site of Ternes Veilliers in fact does not exist, as it is currently air space above the highway. The ambition of this competition proposal is to essentially reclaim airspace to build an innovative mixed-use building bridging the Peripherique, creating new neighborhood connections between separate class systems in the city of Paris.


The building promotes a high lever of visibility between spaces and programs to maximize the potential for human interaction and collaboration. These types of spaces are highly desirable for both large and small businesses, which mutually benefit for interdependence. By funneling circulation through the hub, the building allows for moments of inspiration and chance meeting integral to the creative process.

The project inspires six tenets of innovation:

REFOCUS A hub for change, a meeting place for those who live, work and invigorate the community.

REVITALIZE Integrated multi-purpose structures, systems and spaces accommodating future needs.

RECONNECT Repair the fabric of the city, its streetscape and street life over the Peripherique.

REINTERPRET Evolve the traditional Parisian gabarit typology in use, proportion, scale, and materials to culminate in a rooftop transformation.

RECIPROCAL An architecture that gives back to the city, values interdependence, and supports inclusivity.

RECHARGE Meaningful environmental sustainability reinforcing bonds between performance, beauty, and experience.


The building envelopes the courtyard buildings typology prevalent in Paris by opening the central space to public use. The central space augments the public realm by joining with the adjacent chapel and Place du Général-Kœnig.

The grand stair draws people up to the Level 1 courtyard; its direction is oriented to the main lobby entry. The entry lobby doubles as a fabrication lab, where inventors can display their work in the courtyard. The hub draws people up through the building in a continuous loop, culminating with the green roof terrace, which offers panoramic views to the city.
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