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Rodin 33

Carlos Marin

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Rodin 33


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Year Completed



12,916 sq. feet



  • Structural Engineer: Gerson Huerta

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Project Description


The apartment building is located in a narrow site, with the dimensions of 7.8m wide by 28m long, on Rodin 33 street. This condition demands an accurate lecture of the architectural program. To optimize the interior space, we decided to look forward for a structural system that would allow us to enjoy the open space.

The living room and dinner room are clearly connected to the exterior terraces taking the widest side of the site (7.8 meters). One apartment is located on each floor, allowing the user to take an interesting view of the Mexico City skyline.

The façade is molded by a 20-square-meter terrace that is contained by a concrete frame structure; this semi-open terrace allows the user to transform the space in an hybrid condition between interior and exterior space. In this way, the inhabitant can increase or decrease the interior space by the displacement of the glass façade.

To provide natural lighting for each living space of the building we decided to create an interior 6-meter patio; this void divides the public and private areas.

Two lateral walls of reinforced concrete are combined together with ten foundation piles 18 meters deep to support the entire structure of the building. Transversely a series of reinforced concrete beams running side by side defines each apartment floor. In parking lots you can appreciate the constructive system used throughout the development, and in this space the structure remains exposed. This constructive system allows us to optimize construction time. In two basements, we placed the lobby, two parking floors, elevators, engine rooms, water tank, services, and storage rooms.

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