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Room Within A Room

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Room Within A Room

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  • Shu Du


  • Nicole Mater
  • Phu Hoang

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This student project was completed in School Without Classrooms: Micro-Weather Futures of Education Technology, a studio course at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation which won a Sloan Award in the 2016 ARCHITECT Studio Prize competition.

Project Description


My proposal to this Bio campus is a new interdisciplinary studying experience that allow plant related subjects such as botanic, drawing, handmade cosmetics, culinary, and ikebana all interact with each other in an unavoidable way. Based on human desirable attention span and memory curve pattern, the activities’ overlaps and proximity really allow students to actively learn and memorize things better. The room within a room and layer-overlapping concept really breaks the traditional inside and outside pattern, as well as the conventional classroom division and completely eliminates any corridors. Different micro weather conditions are achieved by the building’s topography for different plants to grow in their suitable weather condition.
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