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Serpentine Summer House 2016 (Kunlé Adeyemi – NLÉ)


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Sara Johnson, Hanley Wood Media

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Serpentine Summer House 2016 (Kunlé Adeyemi – NLÉ)

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With a play on architecture, our design aims to fulfill the simple primary purpose of a Summer House: a space for shelter and relaxation. The design is based on projecting an inverse replica of the historic Queen Caroline's Temple—a tribute to its robust form, space and material, recomposed into a bold new sculptural object.

By rotating the Temple's interior void space, we expose the structure's neo-classical plan, proportions and architectural form. Using prefabricated building blocks assembled from sandstone similar to the ones used in building the Temple, our abstracted forms come together to create a room, a doorway and a window for people to interact with the building, the environment and with one another.

By locating the Temple in the proximity of the trees, we offer an extension of the space into the landscape, providing shaded areas in their canopies and in the shadows generated by the object. The carved out void, soft interior and fragmented furniture blocks create comfortable spaces for people to eat, rest or play—in and around the house—all through the summer season.
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