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Shoji Screen House

Yoshiaki Yamashita Architect & Associates

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Victoria Carodine, Hanley Wood

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Shoji Screen House

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592 sq. feet


  • Yoshiaki Yamashita
  • Kento Morita
  • Yoshiki Mondo
  • Egawa Kenchiku

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Project Description


This house is in Osaka city, the back of the Karahori shopping district. This site of the only 66 square meters is located in the place where entered 30m the alley from the road. Alley width is about 2m. Site is a corner lot in contact with the crank. On the south side of the site, there is stone wall exceeds the height 4m. And 2 or 3-story house has been built on it. Also the other three sides of the site are surrounded by a three-story building. Standing on the site, I felt like being in the bottom of a well. First, I tried to capture the stone walls in the house. But it was rejected by the client. The direction of the design was headed to the Urban Housing that is completely contained inside. But I wanted to keep a little relationship with the surroundings. I was allowed to extend the alley in this house and placed a glass-walled entrance, glass-walled light garden and glass-walled sanitary space ahead of the approach. (The wall mirror has emphasized the depth.)

There is no window on the two sides facing the street. (see the appearance)
Private space has adopted the light from three light yard provided inside of the outer wall. Although especially large fixed window is facing the Terrace, I chose the abstract light (rather than show an embodying, such as the laundry) by pasting the Japanese paper in the window over the entire surface. At night, the silhouette of bamboo planted outside is reflected on this screen. There is a square window on top of the light garden next the entrance, also this window is affixed with Japanese paper to hide the outside view. The traditional materials of "Japanese paper" has created an abstract and modern space.

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