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Son Ganxo House

Sio2 Arch

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Symone Garvett

Project Name

Son Ganxo House

Project Status


Year Completed




  • Lluís Ortega
  • Xavier Osarte
  • Esther Segura
  • Santi Ibarra
  • Toni Montes


  • Structural Engineer: GMK ASS
  • Construction Manager: Conrado y Asociados
  • Other: Francesc Crespí

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Project Description


This house belongs to a set of projects developed by Sio2 that reformulates the type of the single family house through landscape integration. In these works, we experimented with roofs as organizing systems and we avoided the traditional role of facades as compositional mechanisms.

In this particular iteration, the house is articulated as a landscape extension of existing topography. The volume is placed in such a way that the roof becomes an artificial terrain. The house becomes a vegetal platform with variable geometry that opens the views towards the sea with no frontal expression towards the street. The relation with the existing slope allows a pedestrian access from the higher part of the plot and a vehicular access from the lower part.

The house is organized under a single green roof. The form of this surface responds to the negotiation between specific topographic relations, construction technology contraints, raining water collection, and different needs of parts of the interior. As a result, architecture projects polygonal geometry to the exterior, tensing the landscape, and smooths the interior, naturalizing the domestic.
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