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26,910 sq. meters

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LILT- Biella


  • Marzia Roncoroni


  • Civil Engineer: Davide Besana

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The new SPAZIO LILT will be inaugurated on December 10, 2016 in Biella at the presence of the President of the Piedmont Region Chiamparino.
The new center, designed by the firm OTTAVIO DI BLASI & Partners (Milan), has an area of 2,500 square meters. It represents excellence of Piedmont Health and National. The newly built houses the Center for Prevention and Rehabilitation Office Biella of the Italian League for the Fight Tumori- LILT.
the new LILT space is a two-storey building with a central distribution center around which are articulated two building bodies juxtaposed to curvilinear. It is not just the container of LILT activities but it is also its mirror by representing the image and values.
• An "open house" for rod- The LILT ERA, is a landmark for the entire city of Biella. Its modern architecture and "open" make it easily accessible from the citizens and a reference point for the whole community. In addition to LILT offices, it houses the surgeries, the prevention center, a rehabilitation gym, a conference room and space for a number of associations operating in the area.
• A friendly and efficient building - Ease of access, immediacy guidance, the quality of services offered, contributing to the perception of warmth and efficiency that characterize LILT - A place where prevention and treatment coexist as two aspects of the same human reality.
• A place where the link between health and environment is fully expressed in the relationship between architecture, light and efficient and green space in which it is immersed. The new headquarters is energy efficient and built with environmentally friendly materials, environmentally friendly and recyclable

The building is characterized by the filter screens facade terracotta enameled in red and white, the colors of LILT. The shields protect the building from direct sunlight and provide privacy to clinics. The choice of baked enamel is dictated both by considerations to the durability and self-cleanability of the surfaces, both the emotional value of these materials on architecture in which the brightness and brilliance of the surfaces is most fitting with the bright, positive atmosphere , clean and optimistic that inspires the entire building.
The open floor plan and the curved shape of the facades of the building and amplify the dynamism that characterize it in an original way.
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