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Taipei 101

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Morgan Day, Hanley Wood

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Taipei 101

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30,277 sq. meters


Taipei Financial Center Corporation


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Using urban design methods to manifest the magnetic phenomenon of the Xinyi District; utilizing the functionality of the “urban hub” combined with the creativity of the “urban street” as its core, its traffic network expands outwards in all directions; using aerial walkways, strolling paths, the urban open space network and underground pathways to link the disparate urban spaces; thus restructuring the urban network of Taipei.

A five-story-high open space and curved spatial structure effectively combine the urban pedestrian street with shopping functions, thereby providing an entirely new shopping experience for the citizens of Taipei. Creativity will be the engine for the city’s expansion and economic growth. A multi-functional urban social space will be provided on the fourth floor to create a cultural and fashion “holy land” for the city, super-scaled structural elements enclose an enormous central space; utilizing the different moods created by the light filtering through the skylights at dawn and dusk, and creative interior design elements to exhibit the five aesthetics of the new Taipei lifestyle—society, discourse, experience, exhibition and celebration, providing a unique and multi-faceted urban living room for Taipei.

Using beige colored stone, soft ever-changing lighting design, innovative signage and unique shop front design to create a “never seen before” quality urban shopping space for the residents of Taipei.
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