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The <Hyundai Card Culture Project 22 Young Architects Program 2016> which is jointly held by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Hyundai Card, and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York unveils Temp’L, the prize-winning architectural work by Shinslab (Shin Hyung-chul)

- Exhibition of an architectural project under the theme of ‘Seating, Shade, Water’ in the open “Madang” of MMCA Seoul, from July 6 to October 3.

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of the Republic of Korea (MMCA, Director Bartomeu Marí) unveils Temp'L, an architectural work by Shinslab Architecture (Shin Hyung-chul) to receive the prize of the <Hyundai Card Culture Project 22 Young Architects Program 2016> which is a project jointly held by Hyundai Card (Vice President & CEO Ted Chung) and the New York MoMA.

‘Temp'L,’ coined by architect Shin Hyung-chul, is a compound word derived from ‘temporary’ and ‘temple.’ It is a pavilion type of structure that will be installed temporarily as a meditation space in downtown Seoul during the hot summer season. This unique structure has been created by integrating the concept of recycling, a strategy perceived today as a universal need, and the “Ready-Made” (a creative method of contemporary art, coined by Marcel Duchamp in the early 20th Century, that consists in transfering everyday objects into the context of museums. The shape of a discarded cargo ship has been transformed into an ecological and relaxing space following an environmentally-friendly architectural design. The interior forest space, which is colored white in contrast to the rough and rusted outer surface, is designed to provide viewers with a new urban experience as well.

Shin Hyung-chul said that Temp'L was inspired by contemporary artworks which began from the spirit of avant-garde during the early 20th century. This innovative artwork provides an opportunity for the viewers to reflect on global issues related to industry, environment, humanity, and ecology. The artwork was selected after an excellent review by the Judging Committee, composed of architectural curators from the MMCA, MoMA in New York, and the National Museum of XXI Century Arts (MAXXI) in Rome, as well as Korean experts in the architectural field.

In 2014, the MMCA participated in the Young Architects Program for the first time in Asia with Hyundai Card. MMCA, in cooperation with Hyundai Card, which has established a long-term partnership with MoMA, is carrying out the <Hyundai Card Culture Project 22 Young Architects Program>, focusing on the program intended for architects and its significance to the architects of Korea.

Each year, under the theme of ‘Seating’, ‘Shade’ and ‘Water’, the program transforms the open Madang of MMCA Seoul into an art space for everyone. The program attracted huge attention when the 2014 winners Choi Jang-won, Park Cheon-kang, and Kwon Kyung-min of Moon Ji Bang showed their temporary installation titled Shinseon Play and when the 2015 winners Lee Chi-hoon and Kang Ye-rin of SoA(Society of Architecture) installed their work titled Roof Sentiment.

Temp’L, a magnificent pavilion created based on an ecological concept, will be exhibited between July 6 (Wed) and October 3 (Mon) in the open Madang of MMCA Seoul.
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