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Universidad Católica de Chile


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Universidad Católica de Chile

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The firm was asked to remodel a building from the 1990s. To cover up the excessive lines on the exterior, a tense and straight building envelope was wrapped around the structure, which also helped to meliorate the energy performance. This also helped to achieve a more neutral volume towards a nearby historical building in front and added review spaces in between the two skins. 

With the issue of having limited funds and time, the designers looked into resources within the Chilean fruit packing industry for said skins. Their discovery were zinc plates that, when injected with expanded Styrofoam, could provide resistance to elements while still being smooth. The bespoke materials were also extremely light, making it easy and quick to build with. With the time constraint, it forced the architects to find an innovative way to meet the costs.

In the end, the new skin's capacity worked along with the old adobe house, working as a reflective mirror and actually fading in to the background of the original site.

This copy has been translated and edited from Spanish to English.

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