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Other Projects Query2

  • Design for Decades: Civic Buildings

    Civic buildings highlight the intersection of city government, community interaction, and public education. This slide show from the American Institute of Architects features a wide range of civic design projects by its members, including courthouses, federal office buildings, children's shelter...

  • Design for Decades: Residential Projects

    From single-family homes and condominium high-rises to multifamily projects and a meditation hut, this slideshow from the American Institute of Architects' Design for Decades initiative features some of the talented works of AIA members.

  • Design for Decades: Cultural Facilities

    The American Institute of Architects’ Design for Decades initiative showcases the design work of its members, practicing architects nationwide. This slide show features some of the AIA’s members’ designs for cultural facilities. Each facility references its community's history and reflects its...

  • Design for Decades: Educational Facilities

    The American Institute of Architects’ Design for Decades initiative showcases the design work of its members, practicing architects nationwide. This slide show features some of the AIA’s members’ designs for educational facilities.

  • Trenton Bath House and Day Camp Restoration

    Ewing Township, N.J./Farewell Mills Gatsch Architects

  • Image

    Morgan Library & Museum McKim Building

    New York/Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners

  • Exterior after renovation

    Uniqlo Shanghai Flagship Store

    Shanghai, China/Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

  • The Water Resources Center has to lead by example in the drought-prone and water-conscious Pajaro Valley. To that end, the landscaping features native and drought-tolerant plantings that require less than 70 percent of typical water usage. These plants are watered only when recycled water is available.

    Watsonville Water Resources Center

    Watsonville, Calif./WRNS Studio

  • In bright sun, the fins of the sunshading system fold flat against the building to block as much heat as possible. On the shaded side of the building, the fins open to allow in the maximum amount of daylight.

    ThyssenKrupp Quarter

    Essen, Germany/JSWD Architekten and Chaix & Morel et Associés

  • The pattern of windows on the east façade is a nod to the neighboring Yamasaki buildings. The rhythm of panels was intended to recall, but not mimic, the windows and arches of the older buildings.

    Bertram and Judith Kohl Building

    Oberlin, Ohio/Westlake Reed Leskosky

  • The entrance to the public parking lot, which houses the 156 city-mandated parking spaces, is tucked beside the main entrance. These two access pointsvehicular and pedestrianare located on Hancock Avenue, at the point where the wood shutter-clad two bedroom units give way to the more residentially scaled townhouses and affordable housing apartments.

    Hancock Lofts

    Koning Eizenberg's Hancock Lofts addresses L.A.'s biggest barrier to greater density, parking, by including it in the building design.

  • View from the North.

    David Chipperfield Architects: Anchorage Art Museum

    David Chipperfield Architects designed this museum to reflect the Alaskan landscape—and with a mirrored façade, it does so literally.

  • Skatepark

    Rural Studio: Lions Park

    Rural Studio gives students real-world design experience in this Greensboro park. It's also been a lesson in community organizing.

  • 930 Poydras Street

    Few American cities embody “place” quite like New Orleans, where European, African, and Caribbean traditions are blended in a kind of cultural jambalaya.

  • North Carolina Museum of Art

    Since he became the North Carolina Museum of Art’s director in 1994, Lawrence Wheeler has lobbied for an expansion to the Raleigh, N.C., institution’s 1983 Edward Durell Stone–designed building (completed after his death).

  • One Shelley Street

    The original idea for the new Macquarie Group office at One Shelley Street in Sydney was more akin to a scene from a Pixar movie than to the perception of a modern banking institution.

  • Foster  Partners effectively designed two buildings in one, each having its own name and material properties: the glassy Fortaleza Hall and the predominantly masonry Commons. Together, they add 60,000 square feet of employee-focused space to the campus. Fortaleza Halls minimal form consists of an elliptical glazed shell and overhanging roof. The structure is supported by 10 steel columns, made from custom-designed hollow steel sections. Inside each column is a downspout, allowing rainwater that collects on the roof to run off without requiring the clutter of an exposed gutter system. And despite conventional wisdom that would dictate putting as much glass as possible between inside and out (the average January low temperature in Racine is 13 degrees), each of the 85 curved panes is single-glazed laminated glass. We were very keen to avoid distortion in the glass, which you get with toughened glass, partner-in-charge Giles Robinson says. Its regular annealed glass, but laminated to deal with any potential failure, and that system introduced onto the framing system produced what we consider the most elegant solution. Each panel is 7-1/2 feet tall and 16 feet wide. The Commons is a much more solid-looking building. Its brick massincorporating employee amenities such as eateries, a wellness center, a bank, a concierge, and a company storecurves around to envelop the east side of the glass pavilion. In contrast to Fortaleza Halls intentional transparency, the Commons is constructed with self-supporting masonry walls made out of Kasota stone from the same quarry that Frank Lloyd Wright used for the copings of his Administration Building. I think we were very conscious that we didnt want to mimic or ape the Wright building, Robinson adds, but we did introduce the bull-nose curves on the end of The Commons that have a resonance to [Wrights] architecture.

    Fortaleza Hall

    Foster + Partners' glass pavilion and employee amenities building are the new centerpiece of the historic SC Johnson campus in Racine, Wis.

  • Diana Center at Barnard College

    Diana Center

    The new, innovatively-clad Diana Center reinvigorates and reconnects the Barnard College campus.

  • Border control officers must meet stringent requirements, such as passing regular firearms certification tests. To that end, the program of the border station includes a shooting range. Not required in every GSA border station, this is the only such facility in Maine. The walls and standard lay-in ceiling are clad in an absorbent acoustical foam which has a convex pattern formed into its surface. The back wall, behind the targets, is a bullet trapa surface composed of rubber pellets that collects the bullets and lead and is periodically cleaned out.

    U.S. Land Port of Entry

    A new station on the border of the U.S. and Canada shows that a secure facility can also be well designed.

  • NanaWall Systems VSW65 single track sliding system with center swing doors combines the look and function of French doors with the ability to slide the doors to the side in a stack or so they disappear into a pocket. The multipanel system can glide open to create an opening up to 14' wide or be used as French doors with sidelights. The maximum sliding panel width is 4', and the maximum swing panel width is 3' 3". The maximum unit height is 9' 10". Hinges and sliding and multipoint locking hardware are concealed, and a variety of woods, glazing, divided lites, and hardware is available. nanawall.com

    NanaWall VSW65

    This sliding system with center swing doors combines French doors with pocket doors.



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