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Other Projects Query2

  • The Knight Wall System is an all-in-one rainscreen system and a drop-in solution, meaning all components are in place when its specified, including cladding and framing members. Steel framing can be specified with 2", 4", and 6" brackets, enabling different R-values of insulation to be installed external to a buildings vapor barrier while providing a cavity for moisture to drain and vapor to pass through. The system also features a patented self-leveling feature, which enables new cladding to be installed on the exteriors of existing buildings with out-of-plumb walls. Knight Wall System is suitable for commercial, industrial, and municipal construction projects. knightwallsystems.com

    Knight Wall System

    An all-in-one rainscreen that is a drop-in solution.

  • Alex and Ivan Terry created a sense of continuity by bringing the ipe inside the house to rooms such as the kitchen/dining/living space.

    A 1960s box in San Francisco receives a green makeover

    Terry & Terry Architecture remodels a nondescript 1960s house into a handsome—and sustainable—urban residence.

  • The SAP Americas Headquarters Expansion building sits across from an existing three story office building. The two are connected by a narrow lobby covered by a green roof.

    SAP Americas Headquarters Expansion

    If, in this era of declining print subscriptions, executives at the Harvard Business Review want proof that their articles have a direct impact on business, they need look no further than the SAP Americas Headquarters Expansion.

  • The sharply canting roof structure of the lobby is emphasized by the fact that the roof on either side of itover offices on one side and classrooms and exhibition space on the otherslopes at a shallower angle and in the opposite direction. The lobby's stout, post-and-beam structure lends a barnlike character to the space, and the vocabulary of natural materials is maintained in the outdoor classroom structure visible though the trees.

    Merchants Millpond Visitor Center

    Designed by Frank Harmon Architect, of Raleigh, N.C., the modest, wood-framed structure­ incorporates a low-tech approach to sustainable design and recalls a historic mill that once occupied the site.

  • Alongside the Santa Monica Freeway, the New Carver Apartments brings color and form to an otherwise gritty part of downtown Los Angeles.

    New Carver Apartments

    Los Angeles–based architect Michael Maltzan’s design is as formally iconic as the cylindrical Capitol Records building, which makes the fact that it was built for one of L.A.’s neediest populations—the chronically homeless—even more surprising than the novel architectural expression.

  • Marriott Hall St. Albans School. The original 1909 school building is seen on the left.

    Marriott Hall, St. Albans School

    Nestled on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral, in a landscaped close designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the St. Albans campus comprises several architecturally disparate hillside buildings.

  • Illinois Holocaust Museum

    Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

    The Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Ill.—a Chicago suburb that is home to a large number of survivors—is the closest Tigerman has come to building an overtly religious structure based on his interpretation of his Jewish upbringing.

  • Secondfloor office enclosure.

    Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World

    Rhode Island Hall, an august 1840s Greek Revival structure at Brown University, is a major chess piece on the main quad, with one entrance opening onto the green and the other toward town.

  • View of the façade

    Cooper Square Hotel

    The new tower, designed by Carlos Zapata Studio, is the newest building to help redefine this civic plaza on Manhattan's East Village.

  • The Wit hotel, designed by Chicago-based Koo and Associates, brings hipsters to a Doubletree property in the city??s central Loop.

    The Wit

    This new Doubletree hotel in Chicago, designed by Koo and Associates, gives the normally humdrum chain a boutique aesthetic.

  • W Hotels

    A look at four new branches of the W Hotel have opened up in Hollywood, Atlanta, and the New York Area.

  • Listening to the Land: Site Design Merges with Building Design

    The fundamental principals of landscape architecture and site design are now resonating with developers, investors, and corporate users and in turn, also are influencing building design.

  • The Henkel Headquarters building in Scottsdale, Ariz., brings site-sensitive architecture to the edge of the Sonoran Desert. The flagship project in an as-yet-incomplete, mixed-use development is under consideration for LEED Silver certification.

    Henkel Headquarters

    An office building by Will Bruder+Partners and CH2M Hill anchors a new development in Scottsdale, Ariz.

  • The custom-designed cupcake stand is made from stainless steel supports; fronted by 1/2-inch glass, the cupcakes sit on custom-molded 3form resin panels, each of which has carefully routed inset circles where the cupcakes can rest, ensuring proper spacing.

    More Cupcakes

    This minimalist Chicago bakery designed by David Woodhouse Architects elevates the not-so-humble cupcake to the level of fine art.

  • Thomas Aquinas College

    Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel

    Duncan G. Stroik combined careful craftsmanship and several architectural influences to create this traditional chapel on the Thomas Aquinas College campus.

  • Listening to the Land: Site Design Merges with Building Design

    The fundamental principals of landscape architecture and site design are now resonating with developers, investors, and corporate users and in turn, also are influencing building design.

  • Group Goetz Architects had already committed to design excellence in its AIA-award-winning central Washington, D.C., office space. When the firm decided to relocate to the Georgetown neighborhood, it wanted its new space to reflect not only its aesthetic principles but also its ecological ones, pursuing a LEED Platinum interior on one floor of a seven-story, non-LEED-certified building.

    GGA Offices

    When Group Goetz Architects designed its new office space, it decided to showcase its sustainable practice.

  • Kroon Hall, the new home for the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University, is an ultra-green building targeting LEED Platinum. Meant to serve as teaching tools for the students within, the sustainable initiatives are on display where possible, but some--such as the creation of courtyards for students to gather and study outdoors--are more about good planning.

    Kroon Hall

    Kroon Hall, the new School of Forestry and & Environmental Studies at Yale sets a new and modern standard for sustainability on campus.

  • St. Louis-based HOK's approach to the design for the Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport included recycled and locally sourced materials, as well as a closer look at how to mitigate the as-yet unavoidably toxic aspects of the airline industry.

    Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport

    A new HOK-designed airport terminal brings green design to the airline industry.

  • Friends School

    The San Francisco Friends School hired Pfau Long Architecture—a local firm with a commitment to sustainability—to remake the historic Levi Strauss & Co. factory into a center for learning.



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