Codes & Planning

  • Back to School

    OMA’s Milstein Hall reveals and relishes in the problem of creating architecture about architecture.

  • Florida International University

    The perFORM[D]ance House is an open pavilion that blends exterior and interior living.

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    Figure Ground Relationship

    Campus growth has consequences for the wider community. The trick is making sure they're the good kind.

  • The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts ¢ San Antonio, Texas ¢ LMN Architects ¢ The renovated former Municipal Auditorium will be home to the resident symphony, opera, and ballet companies in San Antonio, and will seat more than 1,700 people.

    Fitting In

    Today’s cultural institutions look to reuse and adapt rather than transform their environments.

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    Altruism, Architecture & Disaster

    A new generation of architects is embracing humanitarianism.

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    Sites at Risk

    How prepared are various global hot spots for impending natural disasters?

  • The Taichung InfoBox is nestled within hangar A15 of the now-defunct Taichung Municipal Airport.

    Taichung InfoBox

    Taichung, Taiwan/Stan Allen Architect

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    Losing Lost Highways

    Architects are assuming a variety of roles in plans to remove obsolete infrastructure.

  • In the past, an effort to address serious quality-of-life issues would have been put forward by the city itself. Can that push be privatized? The guggenheim curators (including David van der Leer, shown here) think so.

    David van der Leer

    The Guggenheim curator is transforming the traditional exhibition into a laboratory for urban research.

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    Three designers discuss the environmental codes that most affect their work.



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