Codes & Planning

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    Sites at Risk

    How prepared are various global hot spots for impending natural disasters?

  • The Taichung InfoBox is nestled within hangar A15 of the now-defunct Taichung Municipal Airport.

    Taichung InfoBox

    Taichung, Taiwan/Stan Allen Architect

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    Losing Lost Highways

    Architects are assuming a variety of roles in plans to remove obsolete infrastructure.

  • In the past, an effort to address serious quality-of-life issues would have been put forward by the city itself. Can that push be privatized? The guggenheim curators (including David van der Leer, shown here) think so.

    David van der Leer

    The Guggenheim curator is transforming the traditional exhibition into a laboratory for urban research.

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    Three designers discuss the environmental codes that most affect their work.

  • Clark D. Manus, FAIA, 2011 President

    Security by Design

    Ten years after 9/11, how can design improve security?

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    Managing Up

    By getting involved in politics and making design of value in codes, architects are helping fellow practitioners to be invaluable.

  • NRCA’s EnergyWise Roof Calculator Updated

    The National Roofing Contractors Association’s online calculator now includes information from recent ASHRAE standards and the International Energy Conservation Code.

  • Garland ES-1-Compliant Roof Edge System

    The Garland Co. Inc. has upgraded its R-Mer Edge fascia and coping systems for low-slope roofing.

  • The Urban Priorities Committee meets weekly at Beaubien House, Detroit AIAs headquarters.

    Uptight (Everything is Alright)

    Detroit AIA's Urban Priorities Committee hopes to revitalize its city despite Motown's terminal prognosis.



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