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  • Humanair Personal Zone Air Purifier from Humanscale is designed for contract interior and hospitality applications. It uses Clean Air Zone Technology to purify air around an individual, removing 99% of airborne toxins and contaminants. It incorporates Disposable Electrostatic Precipitation Technolgy, which uses a tightly coiled paper filter that can be vacuumed and reused. The purifier uses 22W of power, operates in near silence, creates minimal draft, produces no ozone, and comes in black, white, and metallic red.

    Humanscale Personal Zone Air Purifier

    An air purifier designed for contract interior and hospitality applications.

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    The Pit That Swallowed a City

    When a town in Sweden began crumbling into a giant crater, the local authorities took action—by convening a global design summit.

  • Can This Planner Save Detroit?

    An interview with Toni L. Griffin, the star urban planner hired to reshape Detroit.

  • Infrastructure by the Numbers

    The data behind President Obama's six-year, $50 billion investment in roads, rail, and runways.

  • Build This!

    Chicago's Ward 49 institutes participatory budgeting for the district's capital improvements.

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    The Embodiment of the American Dream

    In form and function, the higher-education campus is the United States' greatest contribution to architecture and urban planning.

  • Brave New Codes

    Promoted by New Urbanists, form-based codes are gaining in popularity around the country. What do they mean for architects?

  • Taking the Lead In Government Relationships

    Lucia Athens, former manager of the City of Seattle Green Building Program, explains how architects and designers can foster relationships with their local governments to promote sustainable building.

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    The Evolving Debate Over Smart Growth

    Jeff Speck, co-author of the recently published "Smart Growth Manual," dissects New Urbanism's critics.

  • No-Burns No-Burn Plus system has the required ignition barrier rating for code compliance under applicable sections of the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). The tests were conducted on No-Burn intumescent coating over spray polyurethane foam plastic insulation manufactured by BASF Polyurethane Foam Enterprises. The coating is accepted for use over BASFs Enertite semi-rigid, open-cell polyurethane foam plastic insulation in attics and crawl spaces without a prescriptive ignition barrier per ACC-377 test results. No-Burn can reduce toxic smoke by as much as 80%, carries a Class A fire rating, and is nontoxic and noncarcinogenic.

    No-Burn Plus

    A coating that carries a Class A fire rating and can reduce toxic smoke by 80 percent.