Sustainability: Are We United or Not?

If the United Nations can’t put us on the path to sustainability, architects should step up.

view of the bill & melinda gates foundation seattle campus.

Gathering Spot

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation converts an asphalt parking lot into a LEED Platinum campus that aims to offer a more natural site.



  • Fire Island House, Designed by Richard Meier & Partners

    Richard Meier has designed a relatively modest new beachfront house for long-time clients that marries his signature orthogonals with an exceptional transparency.

  • On a sunny day at the Glen Oaks branch library in New York, passersby can watch the word search emerge from the upper right corner of the parapet, enlarge to full height at noon, and then steadily disappear into the upper left corner.

    A Supergraphic Made with Daylight

    To highlight the relevance of libraries in the 21st century, Marble Fairbanks created a dynamic skylight that shouts it from the rooftop.

  • A New Way to Simulate the Sky

    An artificial daylighting system replicates the light qualities of early morning, noon, and evening illumination from different regions of the globe.


Green Standards

Reuse & Recycling


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