Green Design

  • Project X Architect: Path Architecture, Portland. Completion: 2010. Brief: 78-space work/live business incubator recycled 95% of construction waste; on track for LEED Silver.

    Portland, Ore.

    Green architecture is practically the industry standard in Portland, where a mandate on sustainability pairs nicely with a strong can-do culture.

  • Sustainable Design Is More Than Bells and Whistles

    Too often, green construction is about how smart a building's gadgets are. Instead, it should be about smart architecture.

  • Listening to the Land: Site Design Merges with Building Design

    The fundamental principals of landscape architecture and site design are now resonating with developers, investors, and corporate users and in turn, also are influencing building design.

  • Kroon Hall, the new home for the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University, is an ultra-green building targeting LEED Platinum. Meant to serve as teaching tools for the students within, the sustainable initiatives are on display where possible, but some--such as the creation of courtyards for students to gather and study outdoors--are more about good planning.

    Kroon Hall

    Kroon Hall, the new School of Forestry and & Environmental Studies at Yale sets a new and modern standard for sustainability on campus.

  • St. Louis-based HOK's approach to the design for the Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport included recycled and locally sourced materials, as well as a closer look at how to mitigate the as-yet unavoidably toxic aspects of the airline industry.

    Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport

    A new HOK-designed airport terminal brings green design to the airline industry.

  • The multifunction ShoWare Center, located just outside of Seattle, seats 6,100 fans during hockey games and ice shows, and 7,800 people during concerts. The ShoWare Center lettering above the main entrance is actually a reflection of a sign that is installed horizontally below the soffit. While mirrored surfaces tend to be associated with luxe environments--casinos, discos, and boutiques--at the ShoWare Center, the polished stainless steel soffit was an efficient way to amplify the lobby and façade.

    Showare Center

    LMN Architects create a vivid steel and glass arena, highlighted by bright green paths and LEDs, in Kent, Wash., to be used by the local Seattle hockey team and for concerts.

  • Do Architects Believe In Global Warming? Readers Weigh In

    With sustainability all the rage, it's easy to assume that architects are on board with the Al Gore agenda. But are they? The results of our survey may surprise you.

  • A Civil Defense

    The results of our climate change survey shows that a surprising number of architects don't believe in global warming.

  • Earth Day Network Works to Green U.S. Schools

    Sean Miller, education director of Earth Day Network, discusses the group’s goal of greening America’s schools in a generation.

  • Incentives Create Rewards for Green-building and Energy-efficiency Programs

    The recent passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has appropriated billions of dollars to support green-building projects.



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