Reuse & Recycling


Reuse & Recycling

  • Plastic Culture

    Depleting oil reserves pose a problem for a world dependent on plastic.

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    Event: Save a Sample

    Donate your office's abundant materials samples to design school students.

  • Acorn Engineering Co. High Efficiency Toilet

    Acorn Engineering Co.’s High Efficiency Toilet is made from 80 percent recycled steel and uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.

  • A sour economy may mean ??dwindling opportunities?? for new construction, Griff Davenport, one of DLR Group??s managing principals, says, but some sectors are consistently ripe for capital-improvement work, including healthcare, higher education, and hospitality.

    Rework, Repurpose, Revitalize

    In certain sectors, says DLR Group's Griff Davenport, capital-improvement projects can offer steady work, even in a recession.

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    EcoPath Entryway Matting

    EcoPath is a 100 percent recyclable entryway matting solution with biobased content.

  • CF Stinson Jazz Collection

    Designed by Jane Wicks, the Jazz Collection from CF Stinson features seven patterns inspired by American jazz.

  • Trend USA Liberty Collection

    Trend USA has introduced seven new combinations of hand-cut, post-consumer recycled Liberty Collection glass mosaics.

  • The Campione Collection from Designtex has three new multiscaled patterns: Corda features a slightly irregular stripe, Ondina (shown) is inspired by the ripple effect created by water droplets, and Stampato plays on positive and negative space on variegated ground. Corda is available in 18 colorways, Ondina in 16, and Stampato in 13. The wallcovering contains 30% recycled content-20% post-consumer recycled polyester and 10% pre-consumer recycled vinyl-and is applied with the company's Recore Recycled Wall Technology backing.

    Designtex Campione Collection

    The Campione Collection from Designtex adds three new multiscaled patterns to its wallcovering portfolio.

  • Hunter Douglas Contract

    GreenScreen Revive is made from 100 percent PVC-free polyester.

  • Redeux, by Trove, is a PVC-free commercial grade wallcovering that contains 31 percent post-consumer recycled material. It contributes to enhanced indoor air quality because of its high level of breathability and resistance to mold and mildew with no harmful gas emissions. The company offers a reclamation program for Redeux in which excess material or waste can be sent back to Trove for reuse and recycling.; 212.268.2046.

    Trove Redeux

    Redeux, by Trove, is a PVC-free commercial grade wallcovering that contains 31% post-consumer recycled materials.



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