Reuse & Recycling


Reuse & Recycling

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    Award: RUBBiSH (Recycled Rubber Sinks)

    In the world of green, worth is usually measured in acronyms—VOCs, IAQ, FSC, etc. Minarc's rubber sink, however, has a pedigree so pure, no acronyms are necessary.

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    Ahrend 601 Bench

    Ahrend's 601 Bench is available in three versions, two made from recycled compressed beech hardwood and one made from partially recycled aluminum alloy.

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    (Air) Quality Control in Healthcare

    A principal from Perkins+Will explores the challenges of clearing the air and reducing waste in healthcare settings.

  • Manufactured by Onadis of Spain and distributed in the U.S. by Magnuson Group, Recicla standing waste receptacles are constructed from Syntrewood, 100% recycled material made primarily from plastic.

    Onadis of Spain Recicla

    The Recicla waste receptacle is made up of 100 percent recycled material.

  • Coalesse Freestanding Topo Collection  Designed by EOOS, the Topo office system is now available with freestanding components to allow for greater flexibility. The new additions are made with sustainable materials including Steelcases water-based topcoat Clarity, which is SCS Indoor Advantage certified, VOC-free adhesives, and recyclable powder-coated steel or clear anodized aluminum. All of the components are designed for easy disassembly and end-of-life recycling, and contribute to LEED points for recycled content, regional materials, and low-emitting materials.; 866.645.6952.

    Coalesse Freestanding Topo Collection

    Coalesse expands its Topo office system with freestanding components to add flexibility.

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    Shaw Contract Mix It Up

    Shaw's Mix It Up collection of carpet comes in broadloom and tile varieties.

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    Curtainwall Uses Recycled Aluminum

    Therml=Block 300ES Curtainwall from Tubelite Inc. is manufactured using Eco-Luminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally friendly finishes.

  • Tubelite Max/Block

    Tubelite’s Max/Block sunshades are now manufactured with EcoLuminum, a high-recycled-content aluminum billet composition with environmentally friendly finishes.

  • Vast Enterprises Composite Landscape Pavers are now available in a 4"-by-8" size, ideal for commercial hardscapes, such as parking areas, walkways, and plazas. Using a blend of up to 95% recycled car tires and plastic containers, the pavers weigh less than 9 pounds per square foot. The 4"-by-8" pavers use the same special grid systems as the older 3"-by-6" size, but can be installed faster than the smaller size because fewer pavers are needed per square foot. Vasts manufacturing process reportedly consumes 82% less energy than concrete product manufacture, releases 89% less carbon dioxide compared to concrete products, generates no VOCs, and yields zero scrap.

    Vast Composite Landscape Pavers

    Using a blend of up to 95 percent recycled car tires and plastic containers, these pavers are suitable for large commercial hardscapes.

  • Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Co.s RePVC pipe uses 100% recycled content as the center layer, making up 30% to 80% of the pipes overall thickness. As the latest addition to the companys True Fit System, the coextruded, solid-wall Schedule 40 pipe incorporates recycled PVC, which will help expand the market for recycled materials and slow consumption of raw materials. RePVC is manufactured to ASTM D 4396 and ASTMF 1760 standards, and is NSF-listed. Charlotte Pipe also recycles 100% of its treated process water.

    Charlotte Pipe RePVC

    PVC pipe that uses 100 percent recycled content as its center layer.



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