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Building Materials

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    Product: Richlite Co. Cascade

    FSC-certified and post-consumer paper find new life as surfacing products for shelving and countertops.

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    Product: Seves Glassblock VetroPieno

    Glass masonry blocks with a high-end aesthetic can be used in applications beyond bathrooms and basement windows.

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    Product: Bok Modern Lotus

    When two architects couldn't find an acceptable metal railing design for a project, they started their own metal panel company.

  • The 2012 R+D Awards

    This year's research and development awards celebrated pragmatic solutions to real problems that architects face.

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    2012 R+D Awards Honorable Mention: Bloom

    Primary Investigator: Doris Kim Sung

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    Exhibit: 'Hello Materials'

    From where do our materials come from, and to where do they go? A new exhibit in Denmark investigates. Through Sept. 21.

  • New Super Plastic to Compete With Steel

    High-strength plastics are increasingly used in the place of steel, ceramics, and other heavy materials with high embodied energy. And researchers in Tel Aviv, Israel, have just discovered an even higher-strength plastic, reports Blaine Brownell.

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    A History of Tension

    Frei Otto's Olympic Stadium for the 1972 Summer Games in Munich, Germany, intimated a future filled with organic and mind-bending forms. Have tensile fabric structures lived up to their promise?

  • The building's northwest corner.

    The Standard

    New York / Ennead Architects

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    Product: Soli Modular Granite

    Granite paver tiles that can withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic.



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