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  • Taking a Cue from Nature, a Kinetic Façade that Breathes Daylight

    For One Ocean, the Theme Pavilion for Expo 2012, Vienna architecture firm Soma uses bioinspired mechanics to create a dynamic building skin that controls daylight and captivates fairgoers.

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    Making Peace Bridge

    Tight site constraints and Calgary's inclement weather were not the only challenges Santiago Calatrava faced in designing one of the world's longest clear-spanning helical bridges.

  • Metal Facade

    The Raif Dinckok’s Yalova Cultural Center, by Emre Arolat Architects, tells the tale of two cities intertwined into one.

  • The longest fins used in the Cloud Wall are 44 feet long, with the shortest fins measuring just 3 feet long. One 40-foot aluminum fin weighs about 400 pounds.

    Zahner Cloud Wall

    A new fabrication studio at Zahner's Kansas City, Mo., plant, uses a screen made of aluminum and glass.

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    Metropol Parasol

    The Metropol Parasol is the world's largest structure held together by glue.

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    Detail: Daylit Gallery

    The glass ceiling and roof feature of the MUMA-designed Daylit Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

  • The benefit of vertical-axis wind turbines, such as those in Chicago's Greenway Self Park (above), is that they make use of breezes coming from any direction, and at a variety of speeds. By chamfering the parking garage corner where the 12 turbines are, HOK increased the turbines' exposure to Second City winds.

    Integrated Wind Turbine

    Chicago's Greenway Self Park, designed by HOK, includes a dozen vertical-axis wind turbines to help power the structure.

  • Part of Longwood Gardens' new East Conservatory Plaza, the green wall lines a covered walkway leading from the conservatory and housing eco-friendly public restrooms.

    Longwood Gardens' Living Wall

    As designed by Kim Wilkie, Longwood Gardens' new green wall is the largest in North America. How was it installed?

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    Lego Façade

    London's Cowley St. Laurence Church of England Primary School and Children's Centre puts every child's favorite building material to good use.

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    Superinsulated House

    Dan Rockhill's Studio 804 designed and built a passive house that combines superior insulation and an airtight envelope.



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