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  • Made up of approximately 28,000 flat panels, the Burj Khalifa??s curtain wall varies little in appearance from bottom to top. At the uppermost levels, the unitized panels were made narrower and taller than on lower floors, easing the installation process. The skyscraper??s ??curved?? façade serves two design purposes, dispersing both the Dubai sunlight and the desert wind.

    Detail: Burj Khalifa Curtain Wall

    For SOM, designing the cladding for the record-setting Burj Khalifa required simplifying technology and pushing its limits.

  • The roof of the Richmond Oval is made up of large Douglas fir glulam arches, with ribbed panels made from recovered wood devastated by a pine beetle infestation in the interstitial spaces.

    Richmond Oval Roof Structure

    The Vancouver office of Cannon Design created a panelized ribbed wooden roof structure as the crowning glory to the Olympic speedskating venue.

  • The brightly glazed Youth Center and Sports Complex in Saint-Cloud, France, is constructed from an articulated ribbon of stuctural, load-bearing, prefabricated concrete panels. This allowed for quick construction and was an experiment for Paris-based KOZ Architects, which had not previously worked with the material.

    Youth Center and Sports Complex, Saint-Cloud, France

    A new recreation center by Paris-based KOZ Architects relies on a prefabricated concrete frame for its structure and façade strategy.

  • The construction of the 50-foot-long projecting roof on the new Perkinsdesigned Public Safety Building in Lancaster, Texas, was not without its nail-biting moments. The entire steel assembly for the double cantilever was manufactured off-site and installed using supports. Once the welds were complete and the post-tension cables secured, the supports were removed and the cantilever was allowed to settle into place.

    Lancaster Public Safety Building

    An ambitious double-cantilevered roof is the focal point of Perkins+Will's design for a combined fire and police station outside Dallas.

  • The walkway connects the brick-colored, Mario Bottadesigned museum building to the new sculpture garden atop the adjacent parking garage. Through the glass wall, one can see into the overlook, an extension of existing galleries that looks out on pieces installed in the gardens open-air exhibition area.

    New Sculpture Garden Bridge at the Mario Botta–designed Museum of Modern Art

    A pedestrian bridge leading to Jensen Architect's sculpture garden at the Mario Botta–designed San Francisco Museum of Modern Art hangs in mid-air.

  • Brandhorst Museum

    The 130,000-square-foot Brandhorst Museum’s vibrant façade is all Sauerbruch Hutton.

  • The new Weave Bridge at the University of Pennsylvania creates a pedestrian passage over the Amtrak train tracks that currently separate the main campus from athletic fields along the Schuylkill River.

    Weave Bridge

    Cecil Balmond and Arup's London-based Advanced Geometry Unit unveil a new pedestrian bridge in Philadelphia.

  • When collapsed, the 3,800-square-foot screen's 888 LED panels form a near-continuous surface to show videos of the band.

    Expanding Video Screen

    An expanding video screen built for U2's world tour incorporates 500,000 LEDs.

  • Glass Link

    James Vincent Czajka creates a 144-square-foot glass connector between two buildings at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York.

  • Wimbledon Centre Court Retractable Roof

    “THE GRASS IS SACRED,” says Populous principal Dale Jennins of the courts at London's All England Lawn Tennis Club. So when Jennins' team was designing a retractable roof for the Centre Court, the main stage of the Wimbledon tennis championship, the most important thing to determine was how not to...



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