• Setting a Standard in Building Information Modeling

    The United States is behind in embracing national BIM guidelines. Here’s a look at the industry leaders who are trying to effect change and why architects should care.

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    An Assistant You Can Download

    Forget clipboards and cameras. With the right apps, you can have everything you need at your fingertips. With guidance from industry professionals, we canvassed app stores for the latest and greatest.

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    Choosing a 3D Printer for Your Firm

    With the array of 3D printers available, and with costs ranging from $1,500 to $150,000, selecting the best model for your firm can be as time consuming as designing a building—almost.

  • Tracking Building Performance is Easy in the Cloud

    Few designers know how well their green projects perform in the real world due to a lack of time and user-friendly resources that collect post-occupancy data. But technology has brought the often-neglected use-phase of buildings online for owners and designers alike to access and review.

  • Building App-titude: Apps for Architects

    Apps can shrink desktop programs to fit and function on mobile devices, but the most sophisticated programs enable designers to work in a new paradigm of connectivity that was previously unimaginable. Four tech-saavy architects share their favorite apps for architects.

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    Incorporating Building Management Systems into Architecture

    Building management systems bring us one step closer to dummy-proofing your clients’ lives—if we can design and program them correctly.

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    Beyond PowerPoint

    Designers explore new and old ways to make client presentations that are memorable and—better yet—successful.

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    Under the Hood

    Software is crucial to design, but a program is only part of the story. Plug-ins, updates, and other customizations are key to getting work done.

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    Talking Heads

    Four designers discuss the teleconferencing and communications tools that keep them in constant contact.

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    Training Day

    Three leaders in design-software training discuss architecture's changing relationship with tools.

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    Fab Four

    Digital fabrication could affect everything from lighting fixtures to heating systems.

  • Eugene Kwak, Dattner Architects

    Package Deals

    Four designers talk about the rendering plug-ins and programs they employ.

  • Michael L. Prifty

    Dashboard Confessional

    Three views on monitoring systems and the promise that dashboards hold for design.

  • Shawn Lawler

    BIM, Bang, Boom

    Four plug-ins for better performance with building information modeling tools.

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    Energy and Daylighting Modeling Software

    Energy and daylighting modeling software: four designers offer their preferences for daylighting modeling software tools.

  • Jeff Guggenheim

    Four Software Updates

    Designers share their favorite software updates of 2010 and 2011.



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