Fabrication + Modular Building + Prefab Design



  • Aluminum Sunscreen System From Firestone Metal Products

    The UNA-CLAD SC-1 extruded aluminum sunscreen system from Firestone Metal Products can be customized with a selection of blade types, outrigger profiles, wall-attachment options and custom-fabrication capabilities.

  • Rapidly Deployable Inflatable Containers

    2009 P/A Award honorable mention: Rapidly Deployable Inflatable Containers, by Viraline.

  • Drive-In and Park, Marfa, Texas

    2009 P/A Award: Drive-In and Park, Marfa, Texas by MOS.

  • Live Wire Installation

    Oyler Wu Collaborative create a functional staircase made of bent loops of aluminum pipe.

  • top firm: michelle kaufmann, aia, leed ap

    It all started with a headache.

  • production values

    what it takes to bring alternative housing models to market.

  • Cement Learns a Few New Tricks

    A plant that uses the pollution from a power plant or other factory to create green cement, with a natural inspiration.

  • From Lions to Lemurs

    FXFowle and the Wildlife Conservation Society found a new use for the Bronx Zoo's vacant Lion House, as a LEED-certified habitat for Madagascan wildlife.

  • Assemble Me

    A comprehensive history of factory-produced architecture is captured in the exhibition "Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling," on view through Oct. 20 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

  • Prefab is FAB, But Only Half the Battle

    The editor-in-chief explores the implications of prefab housing and design.



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