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    Removal System Gouges Quickly

    The Arcair-Matic N6000 Metal-Removal System from Thermadyne Industries is suited for metal fabrication, particularly in weld joint preparation where it is used to prepare uniform “U” or “J” grooves.

  • Osram Sylvania PrevaLED

    PrevaLED is a new directional light modular system from Sylvania that uses Osram-brand LEDs.

  • Getting into the business of space making, 3form has found a new use for its Varia Ecoresin product: prefabricated snap-together tiles. The new system, called Ditto, has cross-shaped pieces that can be combined to create partitions and wall features, and can be cold-bent to form curved canopies. The tiles have 40% pre-consumer recycled content and can be installed in custom configurations to allow more or less transparency. ¢ 3-form.com

    3form Ditto

    A system of cross-shaped Varia Ecoresin pieces can be combined to create partitions or even canopies.

  • Created by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban for Artek, the modular 10-Unit System is based on L-shaped units that can be combined in different ways to make a chair, a table, or a bench. The chair and table each require 10 units, while the bench requires 20. Made of UPM ProFi, a wood-plastic composite of recycled paper and plastic, the furniture can be disposed of by incineration. Black and white are the standard colors; the chair measures 33" tall, 16" wide, and 17" deep, while the table is 27-1/2" square. The bench is 33" high and 31" wide. artek.fi

    Artek 10-Unit System

    Created by Shigeru Ban, this modular system is based on L-shaped units that can make a chair, bench, or table.

  • Social Hub

    Toni Stabile Student Center

    Annual Design Review 2009: Grow: Award

  • St. Louis-based HOK's approach to the design for the Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport included recycled and locally sourced materials, as well as a closer look at how to mitigate the as-yet unavoidably toxic aspects of the airline industry.

    Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport

    A new HOK-designed airport terminal brings green design to the airline industry.

  • GreenGrid roof system by GreenGrid

    A modular green roofing system offered in three capacities.

  • Trumpf Campus Gatehouse

    Barkow Leibinger Architects use 2D and 3D cutting and casting technology to create a huge cantilevered roof for the Gatehouse building on Trumpf's campus.

  • Hale County Hospital Courtyard

    Time moves at its own pace in Hale County, Ala., where cotton was once king, and where former slaves and their descendants were left behind to eke out an existence.

  • Glass Link

    James Vincent Czajka creates a 144-square-foot glass connector between two buildings at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York.



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