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  • Safechem Complease Cleaning Process Solution

    Safechem North America LLC, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Co., has introduced the Complease Cleaning Process Solution for the metal fabricating and manufacturing industry.

  • KieranTimberlake's Prototype Home in New Orleans

    Special No.9 House aims to change the future of sustainable prefab

  • View from drive

    Children's Chapel and Education Center

    Annual Design Review 2010: Bond: Award

  • Closed Lanterns during the day


    Annual Design Review 2010: Play: Citation

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    How It's Made: Architectural Mesh

    Cambridge Architectural, Cambridge, Mass., manufactures its metal mesh in these steps.

  • The LifeArq from Natucer, a Tile of Spain manufacturer, is a porcelain wall system. The collection is available in four formats: Bamboo, Ivy, Scale, and Channel. Bamboo's narrow columns can be grouped together to create a sunshade. Available in five colorsfrost, dark, crimson, yolk, and gemare sizes including 3-1/10" by 11-1/2" and 3-1/10" by 2-4/5". Ivy (shown here) measures 2-1/5" by 7-1/10" and can be stacked using an internal steel support structure. Scale, which is 13-4/5" by 3-9/10", is a siding with gently overlapping edges and is available in frost, lead, grizzly, and dark. Channel, also a façade application, is available in 2-1/2" by 14-1/5", 3-1/2" by 14-1/5", and 4-1/2" by 14-1/5". spaintiles.info

    Tile of Spain Natucer LifeArq

    Porcelain wall system has several different configurations and uses.

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    Citadel Architectural Products Envelope 2000 D-RV

    Citadel Architectural Products Inc. has introduced its Envelope 2000 D-RV, a deep-reveal attachment system that combines shop-fabricated and field-assembled methods.

  • Lessons in High Performance

    Bill Orr, executive director of the Collaborative for High-Performance Schools, talks about upgrading the sustainability of today's learning environments.

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    Award: Digital Steam-Bending

    A University of Michigan research group has revisited the 19th century technique of bending wood through steam with 21st century tools.

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    Award: Shadow Pavilion

    The surface of PLY Architecture's Shadow Pavilion consists of 100-plus laser-cut cones that test the limits of sheet aluminum while funneling in light, moisture, and sound.



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