• Highlighting the cantilever of the new childrens reading room at the Hockessin Public Library is a metal halide wall washer mounted on the underside of the cantilever and directed at the foundation wall. There is a very nice architectural effect to it, says ikon5 principal Joe Tattoni, but it was added for very practical security reasonsnamely, keeping local teens from using the space as an after-hours hangout.

    Hockessin Library Cantilevers a Children's Reading Room as a New Addition

    In New Castle County, Delaware, ikon5 Architects create room for a library expansion by cantilevering the room out from the foundation.

  • Old School, New School: Woodbury University

    Rios Clementi Hale Studios designs a studio building that instructs through structure.

  • From Lions to Lemurs

    FXFowle and the Wildlife Conservation Society found a new use for the Bronx Zoo's vacant Lion House, as a LEED-certified habitat for Madagascan wildlife.

  • A Surface of Points

    Architect Eric Owen Moss uses glass rods not just for their formal properties, but as structural components. The result is A Surface of Points, a system of deep cable trusses that incorporate glass tubes as compression members.

  • Merck Operations Support Facility, Durham, N.C.

    Sometimes it's better for the tail to wag the dog.

  • Where Art and Commerce Meet

    Neil Denari's Manhattan condo tower maximizes square footage with its sculptural, structurally expressive form.

  • The Natick Collection, Natick, Mass.

    The design for a massive 1.7-million-square-foot renovation and expansion of the Natick Collection began to take shape, transforming an average suburban strip mall into a center for high fashion.

  • Southern Lights

    The 515-foot-tall atrium of the Atlanta Marriot Marquis is a dramatic space in a city known for its dramatic interiors.

  • Building the Modern Cathedral

    The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away—although sometimes in reverse order, as in the case of the Cathedral of Christ the Light now nearing completion in Oakland, Calif.

  • Anmahian Winton Architects

    The Community Rowing Boathouse offers access to the waters of the Charles River in more ways than one: It serves as the first riverside home for a largely volunteer-run nonprofit (which has been operating seasonally out of a nearby hockey rink for the pas