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    Information and some background about ARCHITECT and Hanley Wood's new media association with the AIA.

  • Jordahls Anchor Channels, distributed by Decon USA, are embedded in concrete and used to securely transfer high loads for flexible connections of glazing panels to high-rise buildings, as well as elevator shafts, tunnel construction, and masonry connections. The channels provide anchoring without damaging a concrete structure or its reinforcement, require no welding or drilling, increase load capacity near reinforcement, and have a high capacity for static and dynamic loads. They come in cold-formed and hot-rolled profiles, in either hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel. Welded-on rebar channels are available for small slab thicknesses or corner pieces.

    Jordahl Anchor Channels

    Distributed by Decon USA, these concrete channels provide anchoring for high loads without damaging the structure.

  • Versa-Lok top-pinning segmental retaining wall system is now available in a bronze blend color. The concrete system is finished in either a traditional split-face or a vintage weathered texture and readily accommodates soil reinforcement to build walls 50' or taller. It can be used to build walls, curves, multi-angle corners, stairs, and freestanding walls and columns. No specialty pieces are required, and no hollow cores are created to be filled. Versa-Lok is available in several options, including Standard, Cobble, Accent, random-pattern Mosaic, Mosette, Brute, Bronco, Square Foot, and Versa-Green (which is plantable).


    This segmental retaining wall system is now available in a bronze blend color.

  • That's Entertainment: Checking In With Sustainable Hospitality

    The hospitality industry has struggled to integrate sustainability into its properties, but savvy architects, builders and designers are changing the playing field.

  • The construction of the 50-foot-long projecting roof on the new Perkinsdesigned Public Safety Building in Lancaster, Texas, was not without its nail-biting moments. The entire steel assembly for the double cantilever was manufactured off-site and installed using supports. Once the welds were complete and the post-tension cables secured, the supports were removed and the cantilever was allowed to settle into place.

    Lancaster Public Safety Building

    An ambitious double-cantilevered roof is the focal point of Perkins+Will's design for a combined fire and police station outside Dallas.

  • Extra Panel Adds Building Insulation

    Quad-Lock’s new Extra Panel integrates with other Quad-Lock components to increase an insulation system’s R-Value (as high as R-84 with reinforced concrete walls) and make the most of the thermal mass capacity of a concrete structure.

  • Social Hub

    Toni Stabile Student Center

    Annual Design Review 2009: Grow: Award

  • St. Louis-based HOK's approach to the design for the Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport included recycled and locally sourced materials, as well as a closer look at how to mitigate the as-yet unavoidably toxic aspects of the airline industry.

    Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport

    A new HOK-designed airport terminal brings green design to the airline industry.

  • EarthWall is a combination of structural rammed earth and post-tensioning rods anchored to a concrete foot, which allows the wall to receive lateral weight as well as withstand wind and earthquakes. The earthen mixture, developed by architect Tom Ward, is made up of 10 percent on-site soil, 80 percent locally sourced gravel byproduct, and 10 percent cement. While the post-tensioning system is made of steel, EarthWall uses less of this material than traditional grid systems. The rods, retaining plates, and nuts can all be reused, leaving only the bond beam and footing as waste.


    A combination of structural rammed earth and post-tensioned rods, EarthWall is strong, locally sourced, and recyclable.

  • Power Bar from Sioux Manufacturing Cco.

    Features dual fastening tabs to ensure secure installation, suitable for securing tub/shower valves, shower risers, tub drops, and any water supply stub out in new construction or remodels



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