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    Repeating Structural Node

    Gosdorf, Austria's Mur Nature Observation Tower shows off the digital fabrication chops of the young architecture firm Terrain:loenhart&mayr.

  • Structural Pillar

    The lone column standing in the plaza of Mario Botta's Bechtler Museum of Art is structurally necessary, but its girth is an illusion.

  • Some Fine Print

    Information and some background about ARCHITECT and Hanley Wood's new media association with the AIA.

  • Jordahls Anchor Channels, distributed by Decon USA, are embedded in concrete and used to securely transfer high loads for flexible connections of glazing panels to high-rise buildings, as well as elevator shafts, tunnel construction, and masonry connections. The channels provide anchoring without damaging a concrete structure or its reinforcement, require no welding or drilling, increase load capacity near reinforcement, and have a high capacity for static and dynamic loads. They come in cold-formed and hot-rolled profiles, in either hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel. Welded-on rebar channels are available for small slab thicknesses or corner pieces.

    Jordahl Anchor Channels

    Distributed by Decon USA, these concrete channels provide anchoring for high loads without damaging the structure.

  • Versa-Lok top-pinning segmental retaining wall system is now available in a bronze blend color. The concrete system is finished in either a traditional split-face or a vintage weathered texture and readily accommodates soil reinforcement to build walls 50' or taller. It can be used to build walls, curves, multi-angle corners, stairs, and freestanding walls and columns. No specialty pieces are required, and no hollow cores are created to be filled. Versa-Lok is available in several options, including Standard, Cobble, Accent, random-pattern Mosaic, Mosette, Brute, Bronco, Square Foot, and Versa-Green (which is plantable).


    This segmental retaining wall system is now available in a bronze blend color.

  • That's Entertainment: Checking In With Sustainable Hospitality

    The hospitality industry has struggled to integrate sustainability into its properties, but savvy architects, builders and designers are changing the playing field.

  • The construction of the 50-foot-long projecting roof on the new Perkinsdesigned Public Safety Building in Lancaster, Texas, was not without its nail-biting moments. The entire steel assembly for the double cantilever was manufactured off-site and installed using supports. Once the welds were complete and the post-tension cables secured, the supports were removed and the cantilever was allowed to settle into place.

    Lancaster Public Safety Building

    An ambitious double-cantilevered roof is the focal point of Perkins+Will's design for a combined fire and police station outside Dallas.

  • Extra Panel Adds Building Insulation

    Quad-Lock’s new Extra Panel integrates with other Quad-Lock components to increase an insulation system’s R-Value (as high as R-84 with reinforced concrete walls) and make the most of the thermal mass capacity of a concrete structure.

  • Social Hub

    Toni Stabile Student Center

    Annual Design Review 2009: Grow: Award

  • St. Louis-based HOK's approach to the design for the Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport included recycled and locally sourced materials, as well as a closer look at how to mitigate the as-yet unavoidably toxic aspects of the airline industry.

    Colonel H. Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport

    A new HOK-designed airport terminal brings green design to the airline industry.



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