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1730 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC United States


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The failing façade of this building, only steps away from the White House, presented a range of issues. The enclosure system was failing, exposing the structure to severe water damage and putting pedestrians below at risk. This detail was a technical and visual response to address these issues and reposition this building for the 21st century.

A custom window unit was developed that addressed a host of issues and introduced solutions for performance and maintenance. This system allowed for the building to be occupied during its renovation, and facilitated an expeditious construction schedule without affecting its most sensitive clients. The placement and design of the unit increased views by modifying the occupants’ relationship to the exterior structure - increasing daylight by 516%, or an average of 2.5 foot candles. Facade performance was improved by decreasing air & water infiltration - reducing overall area by 36% and exterior joints by 380%.

The customized window units allow this project to be a case study for successful renovation of our aging buildings. It advocates that good design is good business by re-detailing failing buildings to enhance their image, and to improve their performance.


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1730 Pennsylvania Avenue
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