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2010 CrossFit Games

Carson, CA United States


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As the principal strength and conditioning program employed worldwide by police academies, military units, and professional athletes, CrossFit has become a global phenomena in the health and fitness arena.

The CrossFit Games is a grueling three-day competition created to test the abilities of the world’s fittest athletes, who compete in a variety of extreme workouts.

During the competition, the sports flooring takes a serious beating from the impact of tires, boxes, and kettlebells used in CrossFit routines. In addition, flooring must withstand the foot traffic of 100 men and women, all straining to surpass their physical boundaries.

For the 2010 CrossFit Games, Regupol America provided 12,000 square feet of Regupol® Aktiv™ to boost athletic safety and performance. Regupol Aktiv ensures maximum comfort underfoot and absorbs the shock of training impact, reducing the potential for stress and injury to athletes.

When preparing for the CrossFit Games, CrossFit facility owners nationwide trusted Regupol sports and fitness flooring.

"Flooring is the number one biggest investment at my location. Regupol is excellent to work with, problem free and creates a greater sense of pride in the facility for our members," a San Gabriel Valley, Ca. CrossFit facility owner said.

Regupol America is a proud partner and sponsor of the CrossFit Games and a reliable source for CrossFit facilities nationwide. Providing ultimate-intensity flooring facilities worldwide, Regupol produces flooring you can depend on – even in the most extreme conditions.


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2010 CrossFit Games
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    Rogue Fitness, Installation
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Regupol America Regupol® Aktiv™

From selectorized lifting areas to spinning rooms, to the “iron den” – and virtually every space in between – Regupol Aktiv goes well beyond expectations. That’s because we invented the advanced manufacturing process that makes Regupol Aktiv flooring extremely dense, resilient, and wear resistant.

Regupol Aktiv provides maximum comfort underfoot and absorbs the shock of training impact, reducing potential for stress and injury to athletes. All that toughness comes with exceptionally good looks, color combinations, and the opportunity for marketing communication, through logos and built in messaging. With Aktiv, Regupol America continues to reinvent sports and fitness flooring, making it as attractive as it is functional.



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