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2013 Solar Decathlon: Borealis

United States

Team Alberta


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Borealis provides sustainable living and the comforts of home for remote working populations. Designed as modular prefabricated housing for the resource industries in western Canada, Borealis addresses housing shortages with a sustainable alternative. The remarkable natural beauty of the northern lights is reflected in the strong geometric design; the perfect backdrop for a beacon of comfort, sustainability and harmony. This is Borealis, this is home away from home.


- Easily transported as prefabricated modules

- Two residential modules centered on a shared service core, that includes kitchen and dining, bathroom, and mechanical room

- Individual outside access for each residential module

- Privacy for living areas afforded through the use of sliding doors

- Living wall in the heart of the house that naturally detoxifies the air and is sustained by the light brought into the interior from above

- Net zero energy performance achieved through the use of R-40 walls, a 10 kilowatt photovoltaic array and solar thermal tubes

- Fully automated control system that uses multiple zones to maintain temperature throughout the house

- Energy recovery system which stores waste heat to use for dehumidification and heating

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2013 Solar Decathlon: Borealis
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    Team Alberta: University of Calgary
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