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2013 Solar Decathlon: Chameleon House

United States

Missouri S&T Solar House Team


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The Chameleon House is the Missouri S&T entry into the Solar Decathlon 2013. The Chameleon House can adapt to its environment and features several innovative aspects that can transform to suit the needs of the occupant. A blend of a modular living space, advanced automation system and highly engineered photovoltaic and solar thermal systems allow for a level of control over the living space unprecedented in any of our previous homes.

Developing a unified and overarching architectural concept is crucial to being successful in the Solar Decathlon. The concept, Engineering and Adaptable Environment, was established in conjunction with the name: Chameleon House. The team has embraced this concept in the architectural design of the home by utilizing an open floor plan with a partition wall to allow the space to adapt to the needs of the resident. The concept is furthered by features such as the grid-storage system, transforming table and reconfigurable kitchen cabinets.

Aesthetically, the house is clean and contemporary. Unobtrusive colors and modern finishes were chosen so as not to encumber the reconfigurability of the home. The interior ambiance adapts with the mood of the occupant. As part of the Architectural design, some elements of the building system are exposed in order to make the occupant feel truly in control of the space.

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2013 Solar Decathlon: Chameleon House
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