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2013 Solar Decathlon: LISI

United States


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The multidisciplinary synergy of our “house of the future” performs at a high level of sustainable architectural quality. Both its prefabricated, lightweight construction system and the flexibility of its functional concept allow for variable configurations to meet different people’s needs for a range immediate applications and site situations.

It offers an aesthetically satisfying and healthy environment with moments of “surprise and delight” in architectural detail, daylight and sunshine in winter, agreeable temperatures and shading in summer, as well as high indoor air quality year-round.

LISI not only ensures a healthy, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for its residents, but also generates at least enough energy to fully power their daily lifestyle, which includes regional mobility in addition to heating, cooling, warm water, and electricity in the home. Simplicity, flexibility, and component availability make it an affordable housing option for almost everyone, almost everywhere.

The efficient construction system is easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to pre-fabricated components that are comparatively small, lightweight and eco-friendly (wood-based), as well as sufficiently durable for repeated transportation and re-assembly. The modular assembly concept is dimensioned to allow component transportation in standard shipping containers. “Energy+” performance is achieved by embedding an effectively optimized set of advanced technology components.

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2013 Solar Decathlon: LISI
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    Team Austria: Vienna University of Technology
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