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99 Bottles of Beer Chandelier

Chicago, IL United States


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The 99 Bottles of Beer Chandelier at Revolution Brewing is a prominent design element that showcases the craft beer process. Taking great pride in the art of brewing, our client felt strongly that the process and elements involved were expressed. The challenge of the project was a limited budget largely expended on restoring a decrepit building, replacing infrastructure and installing process equipment. There was no budget for finishes so we had to be creative with what we could find.

The brewpub conversion from an old printing factory included reopening the storefront to the street, restoring the original tin ceiling and maple floors, recycling timber beams for seating, creating woven wood wall surfaces and light fixtures from deconstructed bourbon barrels used to age beer, and fabricating the chandelier from recycled bottles.

The architects designed and fabricated the chandelier by heating and blowing 99 beer bottles. Having blown art glass for many years, it was an opportunity to incorporate art into architecture. The chandelier is suspended at the entry and the empty bottles serve as a reminder of the lack of packaging required when enjoying local beer. From lessons learned, the architects hope to develop a line of lighting from recycled bottles.


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99 Bottles of Beer Chandelier
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Beer Bottles

Old beer bottles are recycled and taken to a glass blowing shop, where they are reinvented and placed into a collection to complie together into a chandelier.



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