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Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin in the Eric F. Ross building

Berlin Germany

Studio Daniel Libeskind


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On Nov. 17, the Jewish Museum Berlin will open a new 25,000-square-foot Academy designed by Daniel Libeskind, AIA, on the site of the former city flower market. In addition to offices and storage space for the museum, the Academy will house an education center and research library, which will hold the museum’s ever-expanding printed and audiovisual archives.

The Academy consists of three large cubic volumes, linked by transitional areas Libeskind dubbed “In-Between Spaces.” The large cubes echo forms Libeskind used in previous additions to the Jewish Museum Berlin, including an extension that opened in 2001, its Garden of Exile, and the Glass Courtyard.

“My ongoing collaboration with the Jewish Museum Berlin is a source of tremendous professional and personal pride,” Libeskind said in a press release. "Each project offers a fresh chance to illuminate Jewish history and culture, to understand the tragedies and the triumphs and to celebrate the resilience, creativity and erudition that have been Jews’ enduring legacy.”


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Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin in the Eric F. Ross building
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    25,000 sq ft


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