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Arena da Amazonia

Manaus Brazil

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Located in the middle of the jungle, 1500 km from the sea, Manaus is where the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões run together to form the Amazon, the world’s mightiest river. It is also the capital of the similarly named federal province, a metropolis that was once a centre of the rubber industry but is now, as a Free Economic Zone, a finance center with global trade relationships. It also has a fascinating cultural legacy, which, with the potential of the surrounding rain forests, makes it a very attractive tourist center.

With the design of the new Manaus stadium, the aim was to come up with a very simple but highly efficient stadium that would at the same time specifically symbolize the location, particularly the fascination and natural diversity of the tropical rain forest.

With a capacity of 45,000, the stadium lies directly on the central traffic axis linking the city with the airport. Integrated into a sports park that is also home to a sambodrome, athletics facilities, multi-purpose venues and a swimming center, it is part of the “Arena da Amazônia”, which offers ideal conditions for professional and local sporting events. The basic design was developed in cooperation with our local partner STADIA, São Paulo.

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Arena da Amazonia
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