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ASG+Patkau Proposal for MLK Library

Washington, DC United States


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Revitalizing the Library

Our overall strategy for revitalizing this iconic Mies van der Rohe building is to retain and restore its key historic elements, while transforming it by opening it up to create opportunities for new initiatives. These operations:

• Revitalize the interior to bring it new life, daylight, and engery;

• Expand the library to accommodate a broader range of communities and activities;

• Make accessible traditional, new, and future media; and

• Renew building systems to make them more durable and sustainable.

The key areas of the library that are retained and restored are the exterior envelope, the Arcade, and the Great Hall. These components of the library represent most strongly Mies's vision of the library, and are restored with modern, sustainable technology in a way that is consistent with the criteria determined by the National Register of Historic Places.

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ASG+Patkau Proposal for MLK Library
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