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Asia Society Texas Center

Houston, TX United States

Taniguchi & Associates, Kendall/Heaton Associates, Geoffrey Brune, FAIA


Project Description

The architectural concept for Asia Society Texas Center juxtaposes basic geometries and architectural language, creating a place that encourages each visitor to draw unique reference to Asian culture through the Societyʼs program offerings. The building is carefully scaled to its two-story residential neighborhood and connected to the community by its public spaces and gardens.

The building's functional spaces reflect Asia Society Texas Center's mission of promoting understanding among the people, leaders, and institutions of the United States and Asia and increasing knowledge across the fields of arts and culture, policy and business, and education. They include a performing arts theater, flexible meeting rooms, and museum quality galleries, as well as office and support spaces. The public spaces, connected by two monumental stairs, consist of first floor entrance, lobbies, and café and second floor lounge and gallery foyer. All spaces are informed by gardens located on both floors.

A refined palate of materials with detailing and craft at the most demanding level reinforces the designʼs minimalist characteristics. Stone, wood, screen walls, large glass units, and aluminum and stainless steel metal panels create a modern interplay of space resulting in carefully rendered interior and exterior environments.

Energy conservation strategies that have resulted significant operating savings include a 100% geothermal air conditioning system, large overhangs or canopies shading west and south facing glass, and exterior wall construction of concrete, filled concrete block, and rainscreen stone cladding with thick concrete roof construction and roof gardens providing increased envelope insulation values.


Project Details

Asia Society Texas Center
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    Project Control Houston
  • General Contractor: W.S. Bellow Construction 
  • Structural Engineer: Ingenium 
  • Civil Engineer: Walter P. Moore 
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    40,000 sq ft


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