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Atrium House

Chicago, IL United States

dSPACE Studio


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This decidedly quirky design by Chicago architect Marcel Freides had not been updated since its completion in 1978. In crafting a complete overhaul of the interior, the architects took their lead from the home’s literal centerpiece, an atrium that had acted as little more than an enclosed lightwell. By hanging a sleek new staircase within the atrium space, enlarging the glass opening at its top and removing some walls to open it into the surrounding rooms, they “made it more of a focal point,” a judge said. “It’s a great space and it suffuses the home with natural light, which is always a problem in these urban environments.” Formerly somewhat barren, the atrium’s ground level became a lively family space, surrounded by a rock garden in a custom blackened steel planter and with its staircase morphing into banquettes. The detailing, one juror said, “is not about demonstrating detail but about bringing things together very simply.”

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Atrium House
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