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The AURA is a boutique hotel on Chicago’s southwest side offering upscale, modern rooms with privacy and comfort as the predominant themes. Characteristically unlike any other hotel in the market, the AURA’s unique architecture features a dynamic layering of elements, colors and materials to achieve a “wow” factor upon arrival.

When we were approached by the owner to design and brand a new boutique hotel, we didn’t take the challenge lightly. Erasing everything we knew about ‘traditional’ hotels, we started over with concepts of privacy, comfort, and modernity at the forefront. Our client was a great collaborator who we constantly exchanged ideas with, which evolved over time to what AURA has become today. At the heart of it all, AURA is a very economical structure, formed from pre-fabricated wall panels and roof trusses, with 34 rooms of 6 variants. The building also features a vertical reception lobby with custom-designed reception desk and kiosk furniture.


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  • Structural Engineer: MLT CONSULTING ENGINEERS. INC 
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