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Baker and McKenzie

Chicago, IL United States


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An international professional services firm relocation offered the opportunity to leverage state-of-the-art planning strategies with unique architectural characteristics towards enabling the firm's new integrated-service model.

The conference center features two-story volumes carved from the structural cross section - designed as light beams - creating dramatic reception/multipurpose rooms with electronic glass and breakout galleries.

Anchoring reception below a floating plaster-finished "box" of conference spaces, a water mirror defines circulation while classical philosophy's other elements of the world are referenced: air (views), earth (gardens) and fire (fireplace).

Elsewhere conference spaces feature double-glass frosted facades, acting as the acoustic equivalents of conventional partitions.

Staff floors utilize a pavilion planning parti. Service cores cluster interior offices and support functions. In between, the center pavilion showcases conference/workrooms. A cross corridor accesses city views, a staff cafe and media wall.

Office facades are clear, demountable glass assemblies with tinted glass workrooms allowing for writable surfaces within.

Atrium walls were removed, cross-bracing framed and new glass framing installed, providing new "perimeter" offices.

Scheduled for LEED-CI Gold accreditation, perhaps the most noteworthy example of environmental stewardship was the use of over one mile of clear glazing partitioning, maximizing views for all levels of staff.


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Baker and McKenzie
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