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Bayuquan Poly Theatre

Bayuquan, Yingkou, Liaoning Province China

Dushe Architectural Design


Project Description

Bayuquan Poly Theatre has 3 levels above the ground level. The main construction contains a large Dance Theatre which is specific for dancing and musical performaces with a capacity of 1600 people and a multi-functional theatre which can hold 800 people for drama play.

The dome of the main Dance Theatre was designed for both structural purpose and a special function. The steel-frame dome can be rotated, opened and closed to meet different performance requirements. The interior U-shape plan adopts the form of roman traditional theatre and the space is separated into 3 levels vertically. Sight analysis was carried out to allocate the seats in the theatre. To ensure best acoustic performance, the main source will be natural and each seat for audience takes up 7.7 m³(the total volume is 12300 m³). The reverberation time could be adjusted due to different performance requirements.


Project Details

Bayuquan Poly Theatre
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Project Team:
    Kege Ling, Main Architect. Qi Xu, Architect
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Project Size:
    30,000 sq m


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