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Beijing Waldorf-Astoria

Beijing China

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture


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The Waldorf Astoria Beijing is the luxury hotel project located in the heart of downtown Beijing, China, next to Wang Fu Jing, the famous high-end walking shopping district, two blocks west of Forbidden City.

The exterior is featured with bronze - the royal material which expresses the luxury, dignity, and legend of the Waldorf brand, and reflects the character of the site location. The super frame, connecting the roof and anchoring building corners successfully, recalls the symmetry and steady character of Chinese traditional architecture.

The carefully detailed bay window with large floor to ceiling glazing provides the best city view for each guest room, and creates the unique window room area with featured window screen for guest to enjoy the special living experience in Beijing. Orientation particular shading frame system not only establishes the special exterior look for hotel, but also protects the building and minimizes the solar heat gain from all directions to make it a cultural but sustainable building.

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Beijing Waldorf-Astoria
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    36,397 sq m


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