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Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment Plan

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Modernizing Mumbai While Upholding Tradition

The Bhendi Bazaar neighborhood of Mumbai started as one of the integrated residential, commercial, social, and religious hubs at the heart of Mumbai. Mosques, bazaars, apartments, and organic street patterns all coalesced to create a tight knit vibrant urban fabric.

Overcrowding, lack of maintenance, negligible investment in the infrastructure have led to a steady erosion of the fabric of Bhendi Bazaar. Today, residents and shoppers inhabit dilapidated buildings and conduct their daily lives on streets that lack even the most basic urban amenities such as sidewalks, drainage, benches, trees and lighting.

tvsdesign was selected via an international competition to design a master plan to redevelop the neighborhood, providing modern residential units and shops for all existing residents and businesses as close as possible to their current location; and utilizing 20% of the neighborhood’s developable land for income generating residential and commercial properties that would subsidize the redevelopment effort.

With stewardship of the people, place and planet as its central theme, the tvsdesign team translated the vision into a sustainable new neighborhood composed of “people places” that maintain the spirit of the original.


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Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment Plan
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    70,011 sq m


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