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Brooklyn Detention Center

Brooklyn United States

1100 Architect


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The 1100 Architect / RicciGreene Associates Joint Venture proposed renovation and expansion of the Brooklyn Detention Center (BDC) would transform the aging jail into a state-of-the-art, 21st-century civic landmark. The design is informed by five key factors: creating a building of design excellence and high-performance energy efficiency; replacing an artifact from another era with a new paradigm in Brooklyn’s civic and commercial center; addressing key concerns of the neighboring community; introducing best practices to provide humane, normative environments for detainees; and providing a safe and secure environment, both inside the building and within the urban context. The design is a carefully balanced composition, juxtaposing the lightness of the glass curtain wall with the mass of perforated concrete volumes to provide maximum light, air, and security throughout the building.

AIA New York Chapter Design Award – Unbuilt Work Merit, 2012.


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Brooklyn Detention Center
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    518,183 sq ft


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